Sloths Encounter

The three-toad sloth’s radiant smile will make you see how adorable it is. Their monkey-like features such as it’s long arms and legs. It’s fur, not to soft nor to rough, will make it perfect for cuddling. Not to mention its long powerful curved, sharp claws which can open a coconut in half.

The white faced capuchin monkeys are the most hiperactiva animals you’ll meet. As soon as you enter, this adorable animals will be bouncing all around to greet you. They are going to be on your head, your arms, your legs, and if you are not careful they will try to go for your pockets. That’s why you’re going to be asked to leave your stuff on the vehicle.

The red scarlet macaw is our national bird. It’s mesmerizing bright rainbow-like colors represents its beauty, not to mention when their angelic wings spread out. They are intelligent, curious and tend to mimic humans when they want to. Not much of a singers, but have their loud squawks that can be heard miles away.