Our Family Business, Our Story

Well over a decade of family experience in the travel-tour business!

In a world where so many changes have taken over the way we live, we are proud to be dedicated to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness & safety assuring all our guests enjoy a comfortable and memorable experience. 

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Josue Elias Mejia
Rosa Calero

Behind the success of every small business, there is a family!

And this is our Story.

Our Family Bond

As a family, we’ve always had a strong bond and helped each other grow as we’ve followed our passions and our dreams. Owning our own Tour Company became a reality in 2016 when we merged our combined years of customer service and tourism experience and branched out in a mission to launch Roatan’s most incredible tour experience for vacationers and cruiser’s that come to visit this part of the world.

Our Beginning, Hustling the Streets

Back in 2008 when we first started in the tourism business, but also started working on a permanent job at Gumbalimba Park as a Canopy Zip-Line and also at the animal park doing tours with customers who would visit the park, worked and shared our passion until 2016, this is when we started pushing at the cruise ship ports of Roatan, at this time most of Roatan was pushing their excursion offers, and tours by walking the streets and trying to stand out amongst all the other tour companies that were doing the same thing. We’d share enticing pictures of what we offered and we only had only a few seconds to make an impression, win their hearts, and hope we’d squeeze in all the passion points we had in order to gain their trust to know that by choosing our company over the rest, they’d be making the best possible choice to guarantee a happy and memorable vacation. 

Advancement through Social Media

As the years passed, Facebook and social media platforms became more widely used in the area of tourism; Potential customers would research well in advance to decide what they may want to do here when they visit; As a result, we branched out into the unknown and started our own Facebook page in 2016 in order to share our family-owned business with the world. We have continued to grow through positive reviews and photo opportunities which have helped us to make a great name for ourselves here in Roatan.

Launching our Website | Home page

There are many tour companies here on the islands. You’re only here for a short period of time, whether that’s a one-day visit or a one-week visit. How do you know which tour company is the best one to choose from when there are so many to choose from? Knowing this was a common question among Roatan Visitors, we decided to launch our website to provide a thorough place to obtain all the details LET’S GO ROATAN TOURS has to offer.  There are several other tour companies in our area with very similar company names; Therefore, we chose to create a website that would give you everything you need to know in one place, so as our guest(s), you could feel confident in your decision to experience our family’s legacy and book with us!

We believe in Safety & Reassurance

It seems the world these days brings about many uncertainties; But, here at LET’S GO ROATAN TOURS, we believe that the world should not be plagued by fear.  Traveler’s that love to see the world should be able to continue to do so with the utmost confidence and feeling of safety. We are proud to create that atmosphere for all our guests! When the world reopened after Covid, we chose to make sure that when guests commit to spending the day with us, they can be sure they’re booking with a tour company that cares about their well-being. We care about comfort and trust. We know that customer service is the most important part of what we do, for without the customers, we don’t have a business. Guests that book with us can be sure we’ve taken all necessary precautions to give them the cleanest, safest, and most enjoyable experience possible, here is a promo code for reading all of this information about us we would like to donate a discount, it will be a surprise, to claim it you have to send us a WhatsApp message and it will include the promo code, click here

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Our continued success has flourished with every consecutive year we serve our guests.

We have proudly stayed strong through the pandemic, and have reached new heights in our ability to deliver an incredible day experience for all our guests.

We have so many tours to choose from and the likely ability to modify and add to any tour in progress, that we’ve become one of the top choices for all of Roatan, to have the best excursions available.

We are proud of all we’ve grown over the past decade and longer. 

​Before you choose any tour company. Be sure to get to know who’s behind the scenes, and their passion for what they do, and make a choice that is “fun & family-friendly”, because it’s a “friendly family of fun” that is guiding you through your awesome day! 

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