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I got an email from Facebook today, they say that I have a Facebook limitation for advertising so everything you see is organic and you can book a tour with me and we are going to be here waiting for you.

We do tours for people of the cruise ships and people are staying on the island, Visit my Facebook page, comment, like and share, and book a tour with me, send me some photos.

I need to figure out what to do…

I need to figure out what to do in order to get more bookings.

All of the bookings I have, I sent confirmation and are already booked.

People are to come and have fun on the island, You can trust my experience I’ve been working in the tours industry since I was nine years old.

Father of two children that are in school. My wife Ana Rosa Calero and I work together.

Kind regards

Josue Elias Mejia

Also feel free to support my biological brother Jose Samuel Mejia


Welcome to the first blog, written by (me) 💥😎  Josue Elias Mejia Santos  

– I’m the tour operator of Let’s Go Roatan Tours, passionate for doing Roatan Tours from Cruise Ship and Hotel customers, tours with cultural and historical explanations.

-I’m the father of 2 children, Ashley 13 and Josue 3 years old.

– Been working in the  tourist industry since I was 9 years old but never thought it was going to get this serious. 💥 

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– Contact form is working 💥😎

eliasroatan@yahoo.com 📧 


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But I’m going all of this myself, so I’m not a pro, but 

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Working on puching online

I’m not sure what to do so i’m just sharing photos of Ashley when she was 3 years old. It has been 10 years and now she is 13 and Josue will be 3 year the August 27 of 2019.

Ashley helps me work on facebook sometimes. Rosa does too… 🙂 You can find online, visit website, click HERE!

Discover magical Roatan Island with Josue Elias Mejia, an experienced tour guide who will treat you like family while giving you fascinating info and treating you like family. Water sports, zip lining, and holding monkeys and sloths at Manawakie Park, among other attractions, will thrill you and make treasured memories.
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We are an independent tour company, LET’S GO ROATAN TOURS: Provides tours and excursions with cultural & historical explanations, zip lining, a monkey sanctuary, snorkeling, and much morewww.letsgoroatantours.com

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