My brother (Jose Samuel Mejia Santos) and I (Josue Elias Mejia Santos) started the company LET’S GO ROATAN TOURS in the beginning of the year 2008.

My first facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/eliasmejiaroatan

My official personal profile is https://www.facebook.com/letsgoroatantours

It was two days later after my wife’s birthday August the 6th that I started working at Gumbalimba Monkey Park, we all weren’t using Facebook very much as we are now, My y brother would hustling the streets like everybody else was doing, but in the year 2016 I left Gumbalimba Park and started up my own company called Let’s Go Roatan Tours and I started posting on Facebook.

I opened my very first Facebook Page but I it was new to me, and I was not sure how to do it. After many attempts of getting the page would suite my business name
“LET’S GO ROATAN TOURS” I found the name was already taken by me hehe so I named the page http://facebook.com/roatantransportationservice/

This is the oficial website we’re using now as march 2022

Josue Elias Mejia – Roatan

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